"In 2015 I decided that I wanted to start a knife company that could provide both quality products and services. This is when I created the veteran owned and operated Knight’s Armory. I started out by filling a small backpack with knives and going around to my friends and showing them what I could offer. It did not take long before I needed a larger backpack and then a duffel bag.  I decided to go out to my local flea market and see what I could do there. I sold out the first day. It was there that I really got my start.

Eventually I decided that I wanted to start making knives.  So I went to the school of YouTube and went ta learn.  After months of studying, getting all the equipment, and remolding my back patio, it was time to light the fire and bend some metal.  After getting a few under my belt, I thought, “hum” lets record this and put it on YouTube.  It was there that I met American Joe, and we decided to work together to bring the best AMERICAN MADE KNIVES you could ever want.  Two U.S. ARMY Veterans committed to making sure that you have a bad ass knife that you can be proud of." - Big Jim

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