In case you missed the email, here are some concrete action steps you can take wherever you are in the U.S.A., to help fight back against the countless Anti-Gun laws spreading across the country. All of the resources and links provided below are from the The Gun Owners of America (GOA) website, and while I am not paid or compensated for this endorsement, I am a Patriot Member of their organization and support their work immensely. So let’s get started with 7 Action Steps you can take RIGHT now to join the fight.

Add your name to this pre-written letter to President Trump

The GOA has been very active over the last 34 years fighting for our Second Amendment rights. They have drafted a letter to President Trump telling him not to ban “Assault Rifles” or pass any “Red Flag Laws.”

To take action: follow this link, on this page you will find several links where you can add your name to the letter and send it off.

Support Concealed Carry Reciprocity

House Resolution 38 and Senate Bill 69 not only would allow concealed carry across all 50 states (as it should be) but would also allow those from permitless states to Constitutional Carry without a permit.

To take action: follow this link and add your name to support these important pieces of legislation.

Tell your Senators they should NOT support Red Flag Laws

Here is another pre-written letter you can send to your Senators by just filling out a short form on the GOA website. You simply add your name, email and home address and it will automatically look up your local Senators and send the email to their offices

To take action: follow this link and fill out the form.

Tell your Senators to oppose Universal Background Checks

This letter is not unlike the one found in action step 3, but you must understand, we have to FLOOD these Senators with correspondence to get their attention. All of these different emails are just one piece of the puzzle, but they are all very important pieces. The more people that follow these action steps, the better.

To take action: follow this link to the form.

Tell your Senators it’s time to deregulate Suppressors

Suppressors are unconstitutionally taxed, regulated and registered. Gun owners can change that. Urge your Senators to support H.R. 775 and S. 202, which would completely deregulate suppressors. Why should we act on Suppressors? Always remember ANY infringement of the Second Amendment is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Period.

To take action: follow this link to the form.

Call your Senators (202) 224-3121

Call the Capitol Hill switchboard (number above) and ask them to transfer you to your two Senators offices. Tell your Senators to:

1) Oppose EVERY word of gun control, especially Red Flag gun grabs; and to,

2) Support concealed carry reciprocity (H.R. 38 / S. 69) - which is legislation that will truly save lives!

Join the Gun Owners of America

I want you to know, that I do not give endorsements lightly. But the Gun Owners of America is TRULY NO COMPROMISE in their defense of the Second Amendment. They are constantly monitoring ongoing legislation in all 50 states and developing strategies and most importantly taking action on our behalf.

They need our support and they need resources.

Head over to the GOA website right now and see which membership level works for you. 


If you are unable to join financially, then by all means use your social media to help spread the truth. Share the links above, share videos that are relevant to our cause, become that grass roots Soldier that is desperately needed.

When you heard American Joe was going to give you some Action Steps and you thought to yourself… sweet he will tell me where to go beat the crap out of someone. Now you know. There is a time for physical resistance, but we are not there yet. Now is the time to organize, be smart and UNITE with one purpose… to defend our Second Amendment. Once they take away our weapons, the rest of our Constitution will fall.

Stand with me my friend, and take ACTION today.